Audi produced five million A4 in Ingolstadt

Audi A4 celebrates 5 million units produced at its plant in Ingolstadt. The specimen is a record number of red A4 2.0 TFSI Missano.

Audi has great reasons to celebrate at its parent plant, in Ingolstadt. German manufacturer has managed to assemble Audi A4 copy number 5 million, an impressive figure for a premium manufacturer.

A4 marketed with the title until 1994, mid-range German sedan has quickly gained adherents, and contributed to the positive development of the brand. High demand, but also expand the range of derivatives products Avant, Allroad Quattro, S4 and S4 Avant, the A4 has to be assembled in 2007 and at its plant in Neckarsulm.

Copy number 5000000, produced at its plant in Ingolstadt, is an A4 2.0 TFSI, Misano red lacquered.

Peter mosques, union president of Audi, said that “the entire family of two main models A4 takes Audi’s German plants, thereby ensuring the work of as many employees. Audi owes this success to its employees who have dedicated entirely new Audi A4.

Peter K√∂ssler, director of the Ingolstadt plant, for its part said: “The success story of Audi A4 in this site is proof that a leading team performance. With new designs and assembly line becomes increasingly complex, which require the full talents of the team. “

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