Audi A1 – tunned by Senner Tunning

Senner has subtly changed the appearance of the Audi A1, changes including the emergence of a more powerful 1.6 TDI engine.

The first customization kit for the newly launched Audi A1 coming from the people of Senner Tuning, a German company specializing in aftermarket modifications patterns Teutonic producers put on the market.

The Germans Kit reaches the exterior of the Audi subtly, the number of differences between the series version is small. Basically, it amounts to the emergence of a stainless steel tube ends nine millimeters in diameter for the exhaust system and Voltec T6 Barracuda rims 18 inch tires Hankook S1 Evo Boots size 225/35 R18. Something more sporty image of the model city was enhanced by reducing ground clearance, suspension is adjusted specifically for that purpose.

The changes done by Senner reach the 1.6 TDI Audi engine. The maximum power for the diesel engine was brought to 140 hp, while torque now reaches 310 Nm.

Enjoy the images of the Audi A1 tunned by Senner

Audi A1 to be sold outside Europe

Audi announced that the newly launched A1 model will be sold in markets outside Europe since 2011, although the subcompact segment representative mark for the first phase was sold only in Europe.

The exceptions are called Chinese and U.S. American customers who were waiting so Audi is forced to wait at least until the launch of the second generation to be able to acquire an A1.

Reasons for Audi model changed its marketing policy that binds the number of interested customers worldwide reached 150,000, “count” is hosted by the official website dedicated to the German model. To cope with supply, production will be increased to A1. Initial plans targeted 100,000 units produced annually at the factory Audi A1 in Brussels.

“We will increase production capacity by 20%,” he told a press conference Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi’s sales director.

In Romania, the Audi A1 may have already ordered the city model prices from 16,500 euros with VAT included for version 1.2 TFSI 85-horsepower version of the Attraction equipment. CLICK HERE for more details on prices, equipment and technical data model.

Audi A1 dolce vita version

Seat has Shankira, Audi also has its VIP : Justin Timberlake. Makes you wonder just what is the real heart of target for Audi in the marketing of the A1. Short. Everything’s been carefully studied. Inevitably. The premium German carmaker with the four rings, yes, you know, the one that has become THE reference in the segment and to provide shade at any adversity. I’m talking about Audi here of course, presented yet another A1 model, the Audi A1 dolce vita version.

Need I say more about the Audi A1? Honestly nothing new then, I give you images. I’m already curious to know how this model will sell…

The new Audi A1 E-tron

Here comes the e-version! Audi is presenting at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 e with the A1-tron, a study, which is driven by a 45 kW electric motor with a range extender.

With the new Audi A1 surges forward into the small car segment: As early as July 2010 the little Audi is in the starting and dares to attack Mini & Co., the campaign thus crowned with success, of course, it takes an environment-friendly electric power – after all BMW with the Mini E has already submitted. Therefore, the Audi strategist at Geneva Motor Show alongside the production version of the A1 and the A1 s study show tron, Audi’s “Mega City Vehicle”, in German: a compact electric car with premium character. This means that Audi uses e-tron on the model family, whose first representative was presented as a super sports car in 2009 on the ILO. In Detroit, the Ingolstadt showed a stripped down version with two instead of four electric motors, while driving the new Audi A1 is taking a new path.

The Audi A1-tron hums a 45 kW electric motor (short-term peak power: 75 kW), a front mounted transversely and drives the front wheels. Switching is done automatically, the sprint to 100 is completed in 10.2 seconds, top speed is to Audi with 130 km / h. In the first 50 miles of the A1 runs completely electric, then a Nitro jumps added as a range extender – the concept we already know from the Chevy Volt and Opel Ampera. The special feature of A1 e-tron: this is no ordinary reciprocating engine is used, it is a toughened rotary with 254 cc chamber volume, which rotates at a constant 5000 rpm. He drives a generator that recharges the batteries of the A1 with 15 kW. From the Wankel concept, Audi expects a very low vibration, while the drive is housed in the rear of the machine to be barely audible.

Check out the image Gallery of Audi A1 Etron: