Audi A6 2011 Revealed

Okay, waiting is over, the new Audi A6 was officially presented with complete information and many photos. I know I wait with interest to see him, but I hope not expect much in terms of design.

The new A6 is as many of us felt, fresher, but who knows how different from the previous generation, and no different pattern from Audi yet. It looks good, that’s clear, but is composed of a mixture of lines and the typical Audi elements, that gives you the feeling that you’ve seen before. On several other Audi models. Is there a feeling that could be better, it’s not so much novelty as much as they should. It’s more finesse, but not enough news.

Audi relies entirely on the question given LED headlamps, which resemble those of the Audi A1 and taillights, all with LEDs, which are even more different than the previous generation. That’s because, viewed from the side, nothing new car at the line, compared to the model it replaces. Same field, same cuts to the back and shoulders car door.

The interior comes with the same kind of atmosphere, the only difference being mainly escamontabil display, positioned above the center console and not integrated into it. That feeling better ventilation of the center console controls, which is not as crowded. Partly because air conditioning controls, which occupy a smaller surface. I like the continuity between the dashboard and door faces the front.

Engines (two petrol and three turbodiesel, release date) are about the same, but more powerful and more economical, say the Germans. The economic engine is the 2-liter TDI that produces 177 horsepower. With this engine, the Audi A6 displays an official average fuel consumption of 4.9 litres/100 km.

Next, this chapter, 3-liter V6 TDI, offered in two versions of power: 204 hp and 245 hp, average consumption is 5.2 litres/100 km and 6 litres/100 km.

The smallest petrol engine is a 2.8-liter V6 that produces 204 hp and 280 Nm and is the most powerful TFSI’s 3-liter V6 that comes with 300 hp with a supercharger developed. With this engine, the Audi A6 accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 5.5 seconds and reaches 250 km / h, average consumption is 8.2 litres/100 km.

Audi A6 Hybrid in 2012

In order to replace the internal combustion engine in the coming years, the Volkswagen Group, through Audi plans to include, in addition to the Audi A8 Hybrid, a future model: the Hybrid Audi A6 that will be launched in 2012.

It is clear that most manufacturers look at different energies and engines to replace the conventional gas powered engine. At the Geneva Motor Show, Audi in fact presented the Audi A8 Hybrid, the hybrid luxury limousine. The A8 will be joined in 2012 by one of the lineage of the mark on the rings: the Audi A6 Hybrid 2012. Moreover, the German brand announced during the show the arrival of the Q5 crossover with a hybrid engine, but also various hybrid technologies in order to equip its entire current range by the end of the decade.

“In the future, our customers will be able to choose from a widening range of transmission technologies,” said the CEO of Audi, Rupert Stadler, at the Geneva show. Michale Dick, Board Member for Technical Development, said “Audi aims to increase the efficiency of its combustion engines by 30% by 2020, when he also wants to see 5% of the Audi , electrified. ”

You remember the Audi e-tron? Well, this badge will be applied to all electric models range Audi Quattro as for 4WD versions.

See the Audi A8 Hybrid photo gallery here

The next Audi A6 2011 Model

*UPDATE* Click here for the official release and photos of the new Audi A6 2011 model

The new Audi A6 will be presented at the end of 2010 and then goes on sale in early 2011. The new Audi A6 is designed to appeal clearly sportier and more dynamic than the previous versions and thus the targeted owners would be younger people.

The A6 takes much of the Audi A8

The front overhang is shorter, which carries a coupé-like roof line and the rear is made visually extremely broad in scene.

The interior should be the new Audi A6 in the newly introduced Audi A8 to use and does this not only the new MMI system. Is powered by the new Audi A6 TDI engines with outputs from 143 to 250 hp, the TFSI petrol engines to mobilize 180 to 265 hp.

*UPDATE* Click here for the official release and photos of the new Audi A6 2011 model

These are renderings of how the new Audi A6 2011 model would look like. No official photos yet.