Audi A9 in 2015 will this pose as a threat to Aston Martin Rapide

Audi could launch in the next five years the most exclusive model in history, known as the Audi A9 2015. The model will be a sports sedan with rear-wheel drive and a price of 100,000 euros.

After the A1 and the A7, Audi could further expand its range of premium models, in a desperate attempt to become leader of the premium segment. Ingolstadt manufacturer plans to launch a new model, a real high end, exclusive model, which will be recognized as the Audi A9 in 2015.

Rupert Stadler, Audi’s chairman, has hinted that the German engineers surprises will officially debut in 2015, the year that aims to become the leading manufacturer of premium segment, surpassing the BMW. According to Stadler, A9 will be the best of exclusiveness for Audi, a model worthy of appreciation of the harsh criticism, ready to directly challenge the big names in the industry, such as Aston Martin Rapide.

Future of flagship brand from Ingolstadt will be developed in future propulsion MSB rear platform, scheduled to host exhibits and other luxury VAG group, such as the Porsche Panamera, Bentley Continental GT and even some future version of the Lamborghini Estoque.

Seen as a luxury sports model, A9 will be available in versions with only rear wheel drive or quattro. The engine range will include several eight-cylinder engine and a hybrid alternative to 500 horsepower. The most powerful option would propel the sport up to 300 km / h.

The future standard of the German brand will be positioned above the current A8 and R8, given that its price will start from around 100,000 euros, a value segment worthy of exotic models.

Audi A9 to be build on Porsche Panamera platform

Porsche Panamera’s platform could end up in Audi’s court, Auto Zeitung says. Germans would create models A9 and R9, which will attack the Panamera untouched niche segments.

The Germans at Auto Zeitung, Audi prepares A9 model, which will use the platform of the Porsche Panamera. This model would also receive a sports version, which will be called the R9. Both models will benefit standard quattro and could be developed hybrid versions will use one or more electric motors and internal combustion engine. The starting price of that model would be near 100,000 euros excluding VAT.

A9 model problem with a hood would be attacking those who do not care at Porsche. Clearly, the use of all-wheel drive system would not be sufficient, and an entry-level version of the Panamera’s already there and the strategy is not consistent with the philosophy of Audi. Germans could go on line more sober and fit inside a Panamera and Audi to make changes to the suspension to change behavior on the road. In addition, could count on the practical and provide a five-seat version of the Panamera.

With the debut of A7 and attempt to seize niches, Audi model is “neighbors” from BMW – the masters of premium niches. All new models developed by Audi to increase sales by 2020 to achieve the corporate goal to become Volkswagen’s largest automobile manufacturer in the world.