The new Audi Q7 will come out in 2013

Audi is working intensively on the next generation of the Q7. Slim to get the vessel thickness and new, more fuel-efficient engines. With the launch of the large ring carrier 2013 may be expected.

This newly-designed aluminum Q7 could then turn to take the lead for the third edition of Cayenne and Touareg, which would certainly stabilize until 2017, the first thin pieces scaffold. The then nurmehr approximately 1800-pound Q7 could, at least for Europe alternatively be equipped with fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines. The key provision for the export of V6 and V8 units would implement all the weight loss in a much more lively performance. Fact or fiction? Our contact person from the development department shrugs: “From today’s perspective, almost anything is possible.” First, however, the current Audi Q7 donated a little refresher: From the summer he comes with Achtstufenautomatik, two new 3.0 V6 petrol (272 bhp without, 333 hp with a supercharger) and other versions of the 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel with Euro-6-classification .

Check out the Audi Q7 picture Gallery below: