BMW M3 Pickup, the Germans April fools prank.

Officials confirmed that BMW E92 M3 model pick-up caught on the Nurburgring was just a joke developed by April fools day.

Recently, a team of engineers testing a prototype of the BMW M3 pick-up version of the Nurburgring circuit. The emergence of such a model has shocked the press and fans mark initially, but was seen as a viable hypothesis given the Munich manufacturer appetite for more specific niches. Subsequently, the development of such a production model BMW officials undermined, and they spoke by Dirk Arnold, head of product communications, which specified that BMW might not ever produce such a vehicle in the segment. Therefore, only one copy of the image is developed by April 1 joke.

However, when it comes to potential entry into a competition in Australia dedicated pick-up models equipped with V8 engines, Dirk Arnold said that the copy created by engineers is available if there is interest, but it did not specify which would support from the plant for such a vehicle and how serious it debutare intentions in such a competition.

Also on April First, BMW will present the “concept” future M5. We say “concept” because it is a pre-production model, chances are that M5’s version number is identical with that exhibit. In terms of presentation, BMW will bring the current generation of M3, with a series of prototypes based on the M3 never reach production. These include both the pick-up image and a convertible version of M3, equipped with a folding hardtop.

The New BMW 3 Series 2012

The new BMW 3 Series 2012 will get slightly longer, to a length of 4.58 meters. The proportions of the 3 Series follow closely the lines of the new 5 Series. On the sedan will follow in autumn 2012, the 3 Series Touring and a little later, a GT version with a variable split tailgate.

A shrinking process takes place under the hood, however, where should the first time, three-cylinder turbocharged units are working.
The new two-liter four-cylinder engine developed with PSA, which will provide up to 245 hp.
The basic model assumes the 1.6-liter from the mini. In the six-cylinder petrol and remain only the 328i and 335i. The first diesel will remain unchanged.

There is also news in the field of automatic transmissions. Start-stop systems are intended to reduce the consumption of all drives away.

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