BMW has sold all copies of the M3 CRT version

Sources inside BMW claim that all copies special edition M3 CRT, have already been sold. BMW promised production is only 67 units.

Last weekend, before the start of the race the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, BMW unveiled in an event named M Night M3 which many waited for many years: CRT stands for Carbon Racing Technology. Seen as a descendant of the old M3 CSL, M3 CRT is actually a precursor to the implementation of carbon fiber in mass production, the material will be included in abundance on I3 and I8 future.

With a total weight of 1576 kilograms, 45 kilograms less than the standard version, M3 V8 CRT uses a modified services, we come to develop 450 horsepower.

At launch, BMW has announced it will produce only 67 units of sedan performance. Even so, according to sources in Germany, interest in lighter version was extremely high, the Bavarians have already managed to find customers for all items before they are put up for sale.

CRT trading price of the edition was not even formalized, the first information talking about 130,000 euros.