BMW M5, faster than the Panamera on Nurburgring and E63 AMG

BMW boasts the fastest M5 in history. The new generation has managed a time of 7 minutes and 55 seconds on the Nurburgring, better than that obtained by Porsche Panamera Turbo.

BMW could not launch a new family member without test performance M engineers work on the Nurburgring circuit, practically Bavarian courtyard of plants. The new M5, tested extensively in the “Green Hell” before launch, the heat went out again, this time to move on behalf of one nine-performance workshops in Munich.

Sedan managed to walk nearly 20 kilometers in just 7 minutes and 55 seconds, a time frame that says a lot about performance and about the V8 biturbo engine of 560 horsepower. Time M5 obtained proves to be faster by one second than at the Porsche Panamera Turbo and 15 seconds better than the rival, Mercedes E63 AMG.

For fans of statistics, the time recorded by the new M5 is just the same as the old Ferrari F430 did the Nurburgring in 2005. Performance is great if we and the old generation M5, equipped with a V10 engine with 507 horsepower, which managed to go through the Nurburgring in 8 minutes and 13 seconds.

BMW M5 Concept – first real pictures

BMW officials had pre-series version of the new M5 in a national event held in Germany. Photos at the event have damaged the Bavarian secret.

Future BMW Concept M5, scheduled for presentation only at the Shanghai Auto Show, has been photographed in a national event held in Munich at the BMW. The car in the picture is not the model that will enter the series, though, like any other pre-production concept, Concept M5 will take the series 99% of prototype lines that you can admire the photos.

The series, which will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show this autumn, is based on the current generation 5 Series. Under the hood, the new M5 will get a slightly modified version of the bi-turbo V8 engine already on X5M and X6M. We are talking about a unit lighter, stronger and greener than the old V10, the official figures of performance and power will be made ​​public before the launch of the series. So far, rumors speak of 600 horsepower, but the figure

The new BMW M5 2012

Future BMW M5, which will be formalized in the fall at Frankfurt, will be inspired to 99% of M5 Concept, which the Bavarian s have it officially today.

After this morning I saw the first real photos of the new BMW M5 Concept, the Bavarian manufacturer has today published on its website release, a complete photo gallery of the prototype that will arise at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new generation M5 .

Based on the latest version of Series 5, released drum-rolled and trumpets during porridge in the world, the new M5 is in line with high performance sedans that BMW began in 1984. While talking about a car that bears the name of the particle “concept”, the copy will be given its world premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show is close to the line production model, so the aesthetic differences between versions of classic 5-Series and New Concept M5 will be considered the basis for the final version of the sedan production of large segment of the Germans.

Under the hood of the concept will be a V8 M5 Twin-turbo BMW is not talking about a lot in the press release attached photo gallery. It is very clear is that the new engine will be stronger and 25% cheaper than the one it replaces, the voices of the international media even speak of a maximum power of 550-600 hp unit that will animate the new M5. Transmission is ensured by a seven-speed automatic gearbox and double clutch M GmbH division calibrated.

Very interesting is the fact that the new M5 will provide four ways for the driver to drive. Thus, in addition to “classic” Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, who will enjoy the new M5 will be based and how M.

External aesthetic differences to the BMW 5 Series is not some radical, German designers preferring to lean on technical changes to remove the new M5. And yet, the future model will be impossible to ignore on the road due to different bumper with three large air inlets for efficient engine cooling. Wheels we see on the new M5 Concept will most likely come equipped version and M5 series. We are talking about a set of alloy wheels 20 inch tires 265/35 ZR20 footwear. Above the front wheels to note another distinctive feature of the M5 turn off Classic Series Version 5: chrome side bearing obviously M5 logo. The back ends are impossible to ignore chrome exhaust system, mounted on the trunk lid spoiler fin and the rear spoiler which changes the channel wind speeds.

The new 2011 BMW M5 gets a V8-Biturbo Engine

Heart transplant in the M GmbH: The Next BMW M5 replaces the thirsty V10 twin-turbocharged with an eight-cylinder vacuum cleaner. The power-sedan will be out in the spring of 2011 hunting Mercedes E 55 AMG and Audi RS6/RS7.

Despite all good intentions – the arms race continues. In the next round in the E 63 AMG replaces the 6.2-liter suction through a 5.5-liter V8 bi-turbo with 571 hp. Adopted in the new Audi RS6 (and largely identical RS7 Sportback) from the Lambo V10, which will be replaced by a brand-new 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo with 580 hp. And BMW? You guessed it: The V10 is sent to only one model generation in retirement – too thirsty, too dirty, too expensive, too heavy. Instead, downsizing the day: with that 4.4-liter V8 twin turbo, which makes the X5 M M/X6 talked about. More powerful than the engine for the M5 of 555 will be upgraded to 578 hp, but if it would be, would be also 600 hp and more inside.

The new M5 gets an enhanced version of the double-clutch-wheels of the M3. The seven-speed gearbox is acted upon by an optimized Drivelogic control system. Instead, more than 300 possible combinations exist in the future, only seven. Preserving the M key with the personal favorite remains the vote to push it as a replacement for the power button (the one we now need to get the full engine power) is a consumption-Efficient Dynamics functions being considered. In addition to the recommended default settings to steering, suspension (damper), the response of the engine and transmission, power distribution (on the rear-axle torque vectoring) and ESP Lock-rule expression in different stages and combine.

Not official photos, but still a pretty acurate look at the new BMW M5 Model coming in 2011