BMW X4 Official Photos

BMW presented the official pictures of the new BMW X4. The model is a Sports Activity Coupe, and is the younger brother of the X6, built on the platform of the X3. Lot of X’s, I know 🙂

BMW X4 is the newest member of the X family. Described as a “SAC”, an acronym made up by BMW short for “Sports Activity Coupe”, it is built on the technical platform of the BMW X3. The BMW X4 boasts a number of elements which confer a more sporting attitude than a X3. These include sports direction variable standard with Performance Control system, leather sports steering wheel equipped with paddle shifting and of course the xDrive system and numerous other amenities.
Another difference between the BMW X4 and X3 is the height at which passengers are seated having a position 20 millimeters lower to emphasize the feeling of a coupe. Unlike a conventional coupe, the BMW X4 provides enough room for five people.

BMW X4 has six engines on offer, delivering between 184 and 313 bhp. All the engines are offered only with all-wheel drive, rear wheel drive versions have not yet been presented though previously announced. The fastest version of the BMW X4 accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.2 seconds.

On the efficiency side, the diesel 20d with an eight-speed automatic transmission offers the most economical version of the BMW X4, with a combined consumption of only 5.2 litres. With manual transmission, the average consumption of is a little higher, at 5.4 liters.