Official: 1248 Ferrari 458’s recalled in service

It happens to big houses too: Italy’s Ferrari is forced to recall 1,200 cars in service due to an adhesive that can cause a fire and burn the car.

Ferrari officially confirmed today that it will initiate a recall campaign for 1248 copies of the 458 model in Italy Italian company sold worldwide. Recall site is intended to replace the heat shield that isolates the engine interior, Italian engineering analysis showing that five of the fires were involved as many cars lately that were caused by adhesive attachment shield melted at high temperatures.

Recall’s is the largest producer of Italian history and comes after the international press published repeatedly in recent weeks in some cases copies Ferrari 458 Italy suddenly caught fire while being driven on the road. The five cases reported from July to cars sold today are in the center of customers in the U.S., France, Switzerland and China.

Fires were caused by extreme use of the machine, which has given rise to very high temperatures in the engine compartment. Some cars – not all – were mounted with an adhesive heat shield that could flow on exhaust pipes, causing a fire. All models have bonded shield will be changed so that it can be caught with metal keys, shown in the official press release.

Italy is the latest Ferrari 458 supercar developed and launched by the Italian company. The model was officially introduced just a year ago, the Frankfurt Motor Show, and has a 4.5 liter V8 engine that develops 578 hp. Model costs 202 300 euros in Romania.

The Ferrari 458 Italia will be an Autobot in Transformers 3

Any little note informative and entertaining. So if you vibrate to the Ferrari 458 Italia, if you appreciate the talents of director Michael Bay, if you followed the first episodes of the Transformers saga (and incidentally, if you find a certain charm to Megan Fox), then there a little information to read the rest of this note. Finally everything is summarized in the title …

Yeah, so the Ferrari 458 Italia will be a good Autobot Opus 3 in the Transformers saga. So much for a ticket importance.

It only remains to hope for a better fate berlinetta Italian to be booked when we remember the previous episode of the mishap came to the Audi R8 … By the release of these new adventures on the big screen one could learn more: the premiere of Transformers III is scheduled for 1 July 2011.

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