Kia Optima or Magnetis – First Official Photos

Dynamic performances instead of staid monotony. Kia has designed Magnetis from the ground up. Longer, wider and flatter than its predecessor, which celebrates the Koreans on the New York Auto Show 2010 World Premiere. Kia Magnetis is also known as Kia Optima in some markets.

Complete equipment for an interesting fare, which is the main argument that goes with the Kia Magentis. At this year’s New York International Auto show 2 (to 11 April 2010) is the new Kia Optima. The longer, flatter and wider than its predecessor. It has a longer wheelbase and hence more space for passengers and their luggage. But not only that, he looks even more powerful and sporty off. The days of boring sedan are also gone. Kia’s chief designer Peter Schreyer said enthusiastically: “It is a car that people expect from Kia is not easy – and therefore exactly what we want.” In the U.S., the new Magentis from will be sold in the autumn of 2010 , and will come to Europe in the spring of 2011. Kia keeps the pricing and the technical details to them for now.

Only two official photos of Kia Magnetis are available for now

Kia Sportage 2010 – SUV tuned to sports


Kia Sportage makes the athletes. At least visually, the SUV is very dynamic at the Geneva Motor Show 2010th To the Koreans will be longer, wider and flatter.

Until now, a solidly-made Kia Sportage compact SUV with a more rustic off-road look. But with the new model cars, the Koreans a radical break: roll surprisingly sporty styling, the Sportage to the Geneva Motor Show 2010 (4) to 14 March, which show the first official pictures. Not only that Kia his SUV in a bright orange to show debut sends the entire line management seems much more dynamic than the angular predecessor. The whole thing looks like a mix between the big brother Sorento and the Audi Q5.

Even the rear gets a flourish with laterally projecting taillights, a small rear window and wide C-pillars, topped with a roof spoiler and a bold curve down into the trunk. The engines will be split between the Sportage with her brother Hyundai iX35, but you have to be a prophet. A 160-hp, two-liter gasoline engine and a 2.0-liter common-rail diesel engine in two power levels (136 and 170 hp) are coupled to a manual six-speed manual gearbox, if desired, there is a six-speed automatic. The new Kia Sportage comes in the second half of 2010 in Europe on the market.