Audi to buy Ducati for 850 million euros


Volkswagen Group could soon have its first motorcycle brand. Audi is in advanced talks to acquire Italian company Ducati, put up for sale last month.

The rumors were true and now is looking for buyers. The latest information already announced increased interest from Italian company Audi, Ingolstadt officials are already in advanced discussions with people from Investindustrial, current Ducati owners.

Audi wants to pay a total of 850 million euros for actions manufacturer of the peninsula and thus try embedding first motor brands within the Volkswagen Group.

German interest for Italian brand dates back to 2008 when Ferdinand Piech, VW board chairman, expressed the desire to buy Ducati. The Germans lost but then, in front of the Investindustrial, the current owners.

Interest is reaffirmed recently by Martin Winterkorn, CEO of VAG group, who said he pays attention to any brand on sale. Audi will have strong opponent, the only information indicating an interest in the Indians only the Hero MotoCorp largest motorcycle manufacturer in India.

Audi Quattro is moving towards mass production in 2013

Audi plans to launch some very limited version of Quattro concept, presented last year at the Paris Salon. The production model will weigh 225 kilograms less than the Audi R8.

Seen as one of the main attractions of the Audi stand in Paris in 2010, Quattro concept goes with big steps towards production. Unofficial sources speak about the possibility of assembling in series sports coupe, even though the number of copies will be extremely limited.

A single parent, based on the current Audi S5 will be presented to the Governing Board to get a green light. The prototype developed by engineers in Ingolstadt and spy photos recently caught using a complete structure of the aluminum panels of the same material and carbon fiber hood. Thanks to the use of these light components, pre-production concept Quattro weighs 300 pounds less than the current RS5, although uses the same chassis and power train.

German engineers will not only satisfy but both, the final version number will be subjected to a process of more intensive weight reduction, which will include: a reduction of 150 mm wheelbase, an interior light materials to be used and chairs made ​​of composite materials.

Unofficial sources say that the future is like the serial Quattro approved its limited production will be started no later than 2013. The final version will Coupe Quattro all-wheel drive and will weigh 1,300 kg, ie 225 kg less than the Audi R8 super car.

BMW M Division chief leaving to lead Mini

Kay Segler, chief executive of BMW, will hold the position of president of Mini subsidiary. His place will be taken by Friedrich Nitschke, responsible for developing the Mini series.

BMW has issued a statement today officially announcing the changes at management level in the Division of Performance M. Kay Segler, CEO of BMW M GmbH will leave the performance division to deal with the destiny of the British Mini subsidiary. Segler will give way to Friedrich Nitschke, who will officially take office from 1 May this year.

Segler is not the first experience with the Mini, in 2004-2008 was president of the company beyond the English Channel. Segler is BMW Group in 1988.

Also comes with a strong experience and his replacement, Nitschke was responsible for the entire series Mini, thanks to their position within the development department. Like Segler, and Nitschke is present in the Bavarian group for many years, namely 1978.

Audi produced five million A4 in Ingolstadt

Audi A4 celebrates 5 million units produced at its plant in Ingolstadt. The specimen is a record number of red A4 2.0 TFSI Missano.

Audi has great reasons to celebrate at its parent plant, in Ingolstadt. German manufacturer has managed to assemble Audi A4 copy number 5 million, an impressive figure for a premium manufacturer.

A4 marketed with the title until 1994, mid-range German sedan has quickly gained adherents, and contributed to the positive development of the brand. High demand, but also expand the range of derivatives products Avant, Allroad Quattro, S4 and S4 Avant, the A4 has to be assembled in 2007 and at its plant in Neckarsulm.

Copy number 5000000, produced at its plant in Ingolstadt, is an A4 2.0 TFSI, Misano red lacquered.

Peter mosques, union president of Audi, said that “the entire family of two main models A4 takes Audi’s German plants, thereby ensuring the work of as many employees. Audi owes this success to its employees who have dedicated entirely new Audi A4.

Peter Kössler, director of the Ingolstadt plant, for its part said: “The success story of Audi A4 in this site is proof that a leading team performance. With new designs and assembly line becomes increasingly complex, which require the full talents of the team. “

Chrysler has 300 S Concept, sporty flagship derivative

Chrysler has revealed the concept version of the flagship 300 S is equipped with a look somewhat more appealing and mechanical changes. S version will be found and the Lancia Thema.

As we announced last more than a week, the most powerful Chrysler 300C SRT8 will waive the traditional call for simplified one, namely “S”.

Official confirmation came today, when the American manufacturer has published a series of official pictures of the new Concept 300 S. As the name implies, the model is only a concept version, which could come alive in the coming years, if the public is eager Also an extension of the range.

The images, posted on the Facebook account of GM have been immortalized in the event LX Spring Festival, held in California, thus taking the media by surprise who expect to see the concept as early as the New York Auto Show.

Chrysler 300 S concept has undergone a restyling discrete process to gain a little more sporty look. Grid was replaced rose lights have been slightly retouched, air intakes were enlarged, and the standard wheels were replaced with wheels.

Chrysler did not provide details about mechanical changes, but under the bodywork will certainly hide a modified chassis with stiffer suspension and upgraded brakes. Fiat-Chrysler alliance Grace, 300 S changes on the concept found its place will be his brother from beyond the Ocean, Lancia Thema.

New Seat Leon will be launched in 2012

Seat is preparing a strong offensive in 2012. Spanish manufacturer will launch four new models including a new generation Leon and a major facelift for Ibiza.

Seat aims to increase sales this year, boosted by the success of the two models launched last year, Ibiza Alhambra ST and family man. James Muir, president of Seat said it expects higher sales by 8 or 10 percent in 2011, growth could be doubled in 2012, when the market expected four other models.

Last year, Seat has managed to deliver a total of 340,000 units, but Muir hopes that by 2018 the Spanish brand to succeed and achieve a level of 800,000 cars annually. To almost double the sales, Seat needs four new models announced by Muir in 2012, but also a growing market in China, already announced, as part of Volkswagen to become the world leader in the constructors’ championship.

If everything goes according to plan, Seat could again become profitable in 2013, that after last year officials estimated losses were stopped at about 311 million euros.

James Muir, Seat installed at the helm in 2009, has developed a recovery plan last year for five years, seen as a final lifeline from bankruptcy. In an interview, Muir said that 2012 will bring to market “next generation Leon, an entirely new entry-level model, a sedan with four doors and a major facelift for the current Ibiza.”

As part of the restructuring plan, Seat will make available to colleagues corporation Audi factory in Martorell, where the future will arise Q3. To assemble the future model from Ingolstadt, Seat will employ between 300 and 800 people at its plant in Martorell.

VW Jetta Recall in the U.S. – honking can stop the engine

U.S. Volkswagen has officially announced the recall of 71,043 units, showing problems with the electrical system. Basically, if you use the horn the engine could stop.

North American division of Volkswagen has announced a recall of 71,043 units for the new-generation Jetta. The German model has an electrical system problem, a problem that could cause the engine to stop when the driver uses the horn.

Volkswagen has decided to recall all copies produced during the service in March 2010 – March 2011 to reconfigure an electrical path that connects the alarm and horn. German manufacturer said that so far there have been no accidents or other types of injury, recall being one purely preventive.

Americans affected by the recall Customers will receive a letter immediately after announcing the problem and schedule an authorized service car.

Chevrolet Miray Concept – Seoul Motor Show

Chevrolet today launched the Seoul Motor Show Miray concept, a roadster with futuristic design, which proposes a hybrid drive train, with two electric motors on each wheel.

At the Seoul Motor Show, scheduled for these days, South Korean division of the Chevrolet has prepared a surprise for fans of the brand. It is a revolutionary concept, dubbed by the U.S. manufacturer Miray.

The prototype features a hybrid platform, which includes a conventional engine with four-cylinder, 1.5 liter, turbo, and two other electrical units, positioned on each front wheel, ready to offer 20 horsepower. Do not miss any automatic transmission and dual-clutch six reports.

The internal combustion engine will operate the rear axle and the two power units will ensure that moving to the front wheels, which will result in a new type of wheel drive Chevrolet. The two electric motors will be kept alive by a lithium-ion battery pack 1.6-kWh, which guarantees even a run in electric only.

Roadster design exhibited in Seoul is based on futuristic lines and SS models Corvair Monza Super Spyder. They could not miss the carbon fiber elements, including rear spoiler, wheels or futuristic design, with dimensions of 20 and 21 inches.

Chevrolet Camaro will be named May Luo Ke in China

Chevrolet officially announced it will launch the new Camaro and the Chinese market. The U.S. will change its name but we were accustomed in May Ke Luo.

Chevrolet continues its overall policy and seeks to expand its influence in China auto market. The manufacturer will exhibit at the Detroit Auto Show in Shanghai, scheduled between 21 and 28 April, the Camaro, the market in the country for the Great Wall.

Although globalization is trying a range of models, Chevrolet chose to rename its muscle-car’s traditional Chinese audiences will recognize him in May after heading Ke Luo. Currently, Chevrolet did not elaborate on the inspiration of the name.

May Ke Luo Chevrolet Camaro or will be sold on Chinese market with a single engine, a V6 3.6-liter gasoline and 315 horsepower. GM said the fact that there are no differences on the interior and exterior aesthetic.

The new Maserati Quattroporte in Frankfurt 2011

Maserati could present at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this fall, the new generation of the Quattroporte. The design will be inspired by that of the current GranTurismo series.

Frankfurt Auto Show, scheduled this fall, could record an important first to stand Maserati. More specialized publications talking about the possibility of seeing a descendant of the current Quattroporte public much earlier than would be expected.

Luxury sedan would begin as scheduled before the two new models to broaden the range Maserati: a sedan and an SUV’s segment, which promised himself Sergio Marchionne.

Quattroporte’s successor, named the company’s internal code-named M156, will have a design inspired by current GranTurismo under the hood and keep the current 4.7-liter V8 engine, petrol, fully revised, ready to offer anything more power, but emissions consumption and reduced. It is not ruled out any use of something bigger engines and more potent, but this has not been confirmed by Italian officials.

The first information it appears that Maserati will try to reposition the new generation, a little above the range, to make way for a future E-class model, known under the code name M157. It could be ready to compete the current Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series.

Maserati hopes to increase its sales in the next period, the target set by officials as 20,000 units per year. Is a very ambitious goal, considering that only Maserati sold 5675 units last year. Even if we refer to the year 2008 at the Maserati has a record of sales, things are rosier. To be able to think of such results, Maserati must expand their range of models as quickly.