Opel Astra OPC Extreme

Opel just unveiled the new Astra OPC Extreme, a very limited version of the performance model, 100 kg lighter and with a 300 bhp engine.


  • 300 BHP
  • 100 kg lighter than the standard model

To stop the 300 horses, Opel turned to a Brembo braking system with 370 mm discs hidden behind 19-inch wheels.

The new Opel Astra OPC Extreme will have its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, and we are waiting for Opel to announce hoe many of these beasts will they produce.

Opel Astra ecoFLEX – just 3.7 litres/100 km

Opel announces the introduction of the new Astra economic versions, able to consume just 3.7 litres/100 km, while enjoying the services of an engine of 130 horsepower and 300 Nm.

Opel announces green revolution in the compact segment. Manufacturer in Rüsselsheim today introduced version of the Astra ecoFLEX is able to provide excellent performance in terms of consumption, without compromising the power section.

Equipped with a 1.7-liter diesel engine and 130 horsepower, the newest member of the economic product range boasts of only 3.7 liters fuel consumption per 100 kilometers and an emission rate of 99 g / km. In these circumstances, the new Astra ecoFLEX is by far the most economical compact Opel history.

To reach this result, Opel intensive training package to reduce energy consumption and fuel, which comes with a number of mechanical improvements, and aerodynamics. EcoFLEX version has an energy recovery system to brake cylinder pressure sensor, able to provide precise control of combustion, a recalibrated ECU, a start-stop system that stops the engine in urban areas, the transmission the redesigned reports, a set of tires with low rolling resistance and an active air shutter, embedded in the grille.

Thanks to new improvements, Astra ecoFLEX fails to reduce fuel consumption by 17% the equivalent of 0.8 liters per 100 kilometers compared to the standard version. Similar situation and emissions are reduced by 20 g / km

Katie Melua will travel cross Europe with Opel Ampera

Opel has signed a partnership with singer Katie Melua. Collaboration will begin next year and will be in the foreground Ampera, with whom Katie will support a European tour.

Opel today announced a new image partnership with the famous singer and songwriter Katie Melua, recognized as an international advocate for environmental action and charity.

The author of the famous songs “Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing” and Opel will join forces to promote Ampera. The German manufacturer will in turn support Melua tour that will support in over 50 cities.

The partnership will officially debut next spring, Katie Melua will be accompanied on her European tour by an Opel Amper, whose ecological model orders were opened just last week.

Alain Visser, vice president of sales departments, marketing and aftersales of the Opel, said “We are delighted to work with Katie Melua, who is a remarkable person and a fantastic artist. We are very pleased to be one of our brand image in the future. Key brand values of our strategy are innovative, dynamic and emotional design and environmental awareness and social responsibility. We are committed to these values, Katie Melua and support them in a credible and authentic “, Visser concluded.

In turn, Katie Melua excited states of partnership: “I feel very comfortable, is a very good match. I like how the Opel addresses topics such as environmental protection and sustainability, while communicating emotion and enthusiasm for life. Yesterday I had the chance to drive amps in London – and it was great, “said Katie.

Winner of Eurovision 2010 is the new face of Opel

Opel opened a new marketing campaign which seeks to regain market customers in Germany. The first move made by the Germans was the appointment of Lena Meyer-Landrat artist as the new brand image.

Lena Meyer-Landrat, Eurovision 2010 winner, became the new image of Opel in Germany. This decision is part of Opel’s new marketing campaign, through which, constructor Russelesheim wants to regain its customers in the local market.

Singer only 19 years is highly appreciated in Germany and its association with Opel will lead to improved brand image car. Lena Meyer-Landrat initially will support a concert right inside the complex in Russelsheim. Also, the latest video, with the winner of Eurovision is an exemplary model Kadett C City.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that Lena is “picture young Germans” and Opel made a great choice when he decided to work with the young singer.

2011 Opel Ampera – is it a hybrid?

Opel Ampera, scheduled for launch in 2011, is an electric Vehicle with a clever little thirst, and great ambitions. It’s a new competitor for the hybrid Honda Insight.
With Ampera the Opel Blitz gets a whole new meaning. One thing is clear at first glance: The Opel is a handsome, powerful sedan. Sleek and stylish, with ultra-modern technology.

The Oopel Ampera has a special feature: While a normal electric car sooner or later (usually sooner) stops, forcing you to wait several hours at a refueling stop at the outlet, the Ampera charges its battery while driving. It uses the gasoline engine as generator. Opel calls this technology Voltec-drive. The car can go without the need of starting the conventional engine 60 km. And that is impressive if you take into account that you don’t need to stop after those 60km’s to charge the batteries. The gasoline engine will start when the batteries are dead, and will power the electric engine while also charging it.
We have 0-100 in about 9 seconds, and a top speed of 161 km/h. Not bad for a hybrid 🙂

Check out the image gallery of the new Opel Ampera