Skoda Fabia 2014 to be released this autumn

Skoda Fabia, a model with a long career on the European market, is preparing to welcome a new generation, the Skoda Fabia 2014. The model will be introduced in october this year, at the Paris Motor Show.

After the facelifted Volkswagen Polo, introduced this month at the Geneva Motor Show, the VAG group prepares to strengthen its presence in the small car segment with the release of the new Skoda Fabia 2014.

Skoda officials have already announced new models, and the first candidate on the list of changes is Fabia. In a press release detailing the 2013 annual report , the Czech manufacturer announced that a new generation Fabia debut this fall. It would be exposed at the Paris Motor Show, scheduled to open its doors in late September.

Even if it is an older model with a venerable market, Fabia manages to attract many customers worldwide as in 2013 over 200.000 units were sold and delivered.
The debut of the new model comes as a result of the new expansion plan of the Czech manufacturer. It’s aim is to sell 1.5 million cars per year and promises new or revised models every six months.

Skoda VisionC Concept

The next generation Skoda Octavia will have more aggressive lines borrowed from a concept car that Skoda unveils at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Its official name is Skoda VisionC.

Skoda takes design to the next level. In a few days at the Geneva Motor Show , the brand will introduce the concept VisionC, announcing the new design trend that Skoda will implement in it’s next generation of models. And if by now talking about a car brand that has become particularly well-behaved and with a certain degree of conservatism, the new prototype manages to put salt and pepper on tradition and stand out with courage and aggressive beauty.

“The concept of stress VisionC new level of evolution Skoda design language . This machine demonstrates exceptional design and engineering expertise of the company”

says the official press release in addition to a few official photos released by Skoda.

Skoda VisionC is considered a “five-door coupe” and we figure this concept gives us indications about the look of the next generation Octavia.

Skoda changes its logo in 2011!

Skoda will change its logo in 2011, to a more modern one, a simpler one, following the Czech manufacturer celebrating 20 years from joining the VW Group.

Celebrating 20 years of entry into the Volkswagen group, Skoda has a surprise for all the brand fans. According to information received from the Czech Republic, Skoda logo will undergo a design change in 2011, it will become simpler.

The new logo retains the arrow winged why a painting inspired by American Indian leaders before the first Skoda office walls at the beginning of last century, but it will turn around. Logo background turns green, to highlight Skoda leaning towards ecology and environment, and will close the circle logo is blue, the official color of the Volkswagen Group. An interesting twist would be the disappearance of the Skoda name logo, the logo became very close in form to that used by the Czech brand in the first half of last century.

The first official appearance with the Skoda logo winged held until 87 years ago, the Czech manufacturer of December 15, 1923 and recorded in two simple versions of the logo we know today: one in which it was passed under the brand name and a logo the logo was simple.

Skoda Fabia RS wears S2000 rally version clothes

Skoda has released a limited edition of the current Fabia RS, which will be produced in only 200 copies. The model is similar to individualize the look of the S2000 rally version.

To celebrate the success of this year’s Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) and the 115 years since its founding, launching a special edition Skoda Fabia RS in Europe.

The version will be quite limited, the Czech manufacturer guarantees only 200 copies on the production line, a number that may not satisfy all fans.

Little subcompact performance through individualized special color palette applied to the body that mimics the look practically sister potent dedicated rally Fabia S2000. The predominant color, Rally Green, accompanied by the white, traditional, enveloping the roof, wheels and part of the hood.

Under the hood will not change, the Czech model will be powered by the same unit for the 1.4-liter TSI gasoline engine, capable of delivering 180 horsepower, dual exploited by shifting DSG transmission. Performance therefore remain the same, with a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds clocked.

Skoda Fabia RS -The terror of the road


Czech manufacturer introduced the sportiest version of the second generation Fabia model small class. With a good technical package, Fabia RS segment hothatch sites enter small class where he will meet, among others, Renault Clio RS and even the VW Polo GTI.

Small car, big engine: This is traditionally the recipe for a lot of fun. And thus brings the Skoda Fabia RS with 180 hp at the start. In the end, even with a big surprise.
1976, it began: The VW Golf GTI saw the light of day. A new segment has been established, the name GTI it characterizes today. The recipe is still at Volkswagen: Powerful engine meets small car. For Skoda, the GTI is traditionally called “RS”. The latest model, the Fabia, which is now making its debut. New is also at Skoda from the VW Group’s 1.4 TSI with 180 bhp familiar. Thus equipped the Fabia runs a maximum of 224 km / h and accelerates in 7.3 seconds to 100 km Is the standard seven-speed DSG on board.

And should young herald, Skoda has something on offer that are not present with sister company VW: correspond to the RS as Fabia Combi (a Polo GTI as a Variant). The thick end has, as in the civilian versions, for a compact space without end: A maximum of 1460 liters volume offers express deliveries. Striking in two versions, the new front bumper, which can be equipped with daytime running lights for an additional charge. And otherwise the Skoda Fabia has sent to the gym.