The new Subaru Impreza

The new Subaru Impreza

Japanese carmaker Subaru shows at Los Angeles Auto Show (November 19 to 28) Impreza concept, which reveals lines of the next generation of this model and new design and marketing strategy “Confidence in Motion” Subaru recently adopted.

Design Concept Impreza boxer engine is under the hood of a 2-liter naturally aspirated, whose power is delivered through a continuously variable transmission called Lineatronic.

This combination represents the next generation of propulsion is available from Subaru and Subaru models currently only 2.5 liter engines sold in the UK.

Outside the car is wider and the center of gravity is closer to the ground, giving the car a more precise ride (Confidence in Motion, Trust in motion).

Inside, the instrument cluster share the same traits with the lining of the doors and armrest, and touch-screen infotainment system combines the functions of the audio and navigation information.

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New York 2010: Subaru Impreza WRX STI

It is quite logical, then: if the Subaru Impreza WRX body adopts the WRX STI, how to distinguish now the sportier version of the range of his little sister? No panic, Subaru seems to have a solution to the problem, and gives us a glimpse under cover in the great tradition teasers of upcoming shows. Remember, the WRX STI first draft law has had no fewer than three images very very dark before turning on the light at the end of 2007. This time, the sheet fall to the New York show in a few days, but we can already see a difference.

As the Subaru in the oracular statement accompanying this picture “The wing is back, the spoiler is back. With a change of approach “all muscles outside” in line with that adopted for the new WRX, the manufacturer will appeal to fans confused by the quasi-discrete appearance (yes, really) of the Impreza GRB and stopping engagement in the WRC. A Impreza, it must be a spoiler to exaggerate an Airbus, otherwise it is not funny … and if possible a safe to secure the said wing, not a hatchback wagon supermarket. Although this profile is apparently one of the five gates, he whispers in recent months in the Japanese press that the STI three volumes will be back also. Given that body “type TSI is now available on the standard WRX 4-door, nothing seems to stop now. The truth is under the tarp, and we have the heart net in 48 hours.

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