Toyota IQ gets a Facelift in 2011

Toyota iQ will receive a minor facelift in 2011 and a new entry-level version. Facelift does not involve cosmetic changes, but without new material on the inside and a three-cylinder gasoline engine on iQzero version of this model.

The Model will not receive any external change, but will get better interior materials and range of engines will be changed to provide entry-level model is much cheaper. A facelift without external changes to the Corsa received earlier this year, it consists of changes in engines and transmissions, and suspension and steering. Basically, the Germans have changed much of what lies under the bodywork, while the exterior remains unchanged.

Interior materials will be replaced with high quality and customers will be able to choose several color combinations. Upper sides of the door will get softer materials dyed black and his board will receive the same type of material. Optionally, Toyota will offer two versions of interior colors and materials with a set of heated leather seats. IQ’s interior surfaces to be provided and piano black hue.

Toyota will introduce an entry-level version of its iQ, which will be called iQzero. This version of the equipment will have a three-cylinder Otto propelling a manual transmission with five reports. Propeller’s fitting that enter and Aygo and has already received several awards worldwide in its category (<1000 cc).

Image gallery of the New Toyota IQ below

Toyota Prius has received an external speaker to warn pedestrians

Customers in Japan Toyota will team with their new Prius external speaker to warn pedestrians against the yen equivalent of U.S. $ 150.

Toyota Prius offers as optional equipment for a pedestrian warning system operating at low speeds when the model runs only on electricity. Fee of $ 150, the Japanese version of Prius will be fitted with an external speaker and a pedestrian warning system to “meet the new rules of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan” in terms of hybrid vehicles or completely silent. We can expect the system to equip and other vehicles of its kind in Japan, and electric vehicles could also be equipped with it.

System that aims to prevent pedestrians approaching a hybrid or electric vehicle moving without making noise. The folks at Toyota have announced that will offer more types of sounds for the warning system from the Prius, but noted that this system can be manually activated or deactivated via a button on the board. Thus, the driver can not hear the warning sound in a jam, but to use it on a busy street without any hassle.

As you can see, the Prius has been sound over a video game, reminiscent of a spacecraft or extraterrestrial vehicles. On the one hand, it is possible that this sound is chosen to highlight passes, which will turn his head to better see the object moving towards them while the issue that sound.

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