Land Rover will launch a new Defender in 2014

The new generation Land Rover Defender will start in 2014. It will not be offered in as many body styles and will have a more modern platform.

The British at Land Rover are working on a new generation of Defender. The model celebrates 62 years of existence this year and his replacement is named internal Icon Project. Began work on the new Defender in March this year, and engineers have a difficult task ahead. According to sources within this brand, Land Rover “should know how the new Defender, but not yet found a solution to put into practice all the new model.”.

New Land Rover Defender will no longer be offered in a variety of body styles and the British company will rely more on military and fleet sales. The purpose of the Land Rover Defender is reinventing the model, which could not be sold with the same name, but keep much of the values and aesthetic elements of the first generation. Some rumors announcing that the model will benefit from the new T5 steel chassis of the British brand, but sources in the Land Rover Defender will be considered too difficult in the future if you use this solution.

Defender future might use new technology to eradicate the Land Rover. Eradicate technology is an electric rear axle support, which would provide a technical advantage to the competitors. Also, new technology would provide low fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. For now, no information about the new Defender’s powertrain.

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