The R8 Spyder opens up the Roadster season

The summer can come because the Audi R8 Spyder Roadster heralds a season! In addition to a place in the sun of the brand new R8 Spyder promises an abundance of power and sheer driving pleasure.

Whoever has 156,400 euros to spare, you can get drive yourself under the sun in a brand new Audi R8 Spyder – with 525 hp, ten cylinders, and up to 313 km / h. First outing with the new super roadster.

The twin-layer soft top rests on a magnesium rod and folds electrically into a trough directly above the engine. With the charred roof lines, but it is supposed to be no problems, because the tissue can withstand up to 80 degrees. So much they themselves had never been measured in the desert testing to insure the engineers. Even the 313 km / h maximum is easily put away the cloth part, as the opening and closing during the trip, if it is steeply into the wind. The show works for up to 50 km / h and lasts for 19 seconds. Closed spans the top two fins to the rear. This resembles the silhouette of the coupe, the trick also reduces noise in the cockpit. Nett: The small rear window can be hidden separately. This allows the driver next to get an extra dose of fresh air and exhaust note to the interior.

Compared to the Lamborghini Gallardo, where the 560-horsepower V10 may dirty screech, the R8 is a bit too solid. The power curve is less sharp and not so high (525 hp), torque is distributed evenly and the sound there is a subtle one track. With violent jerking of at best a tenth of a second the 100 mark by 4.1 seconds fall. The same would also create the manual to. Both reach 313 km / h top. The coupe can with 3.9 seconds and 316 km / h only marginally better. In sharp cornering speed bites the Spyder so relentlessly in the asphalt that it will take even rough inability to get him into trouble.

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